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(no version information, might be only in CVS)

PDO::quote --  Quotes a string for use in a query.


string PDO::quote ( string string [, int parameter_type] )

PDO::quote() places quotes around the input string and escapes and single quotes within the input string, using a quoting style appropriate to the underlying driver.

If you are using this function to build SQL statements, you are strongly recommended to use PDO::prepare() to prepare SQL statements with bound parameters instead of using PDO::quote() to interpolate user input into a SQL statement. Prepared statements with bound parameters are not only more portable, more convenient, and vastly more secure, but are often much faster than interpolating user input into slight variations on the same basic SQL statement.

Not all PDO drivers implement this method (notably PDO_ODBC). Consider using prepared statements instead.

Список параметров


The string to be quoted.


Provides a data type hint for drivers that have alternate quoting styles. The default value is PDO::PARAM_STR.

Возвращаемые значения

Returns a quoted string that is theoretically safe to pass into an SQL statement. Returns FALSE if the driver does not support quoting in this way.


Пример 1. Quoting a normal string

= new PDO('sqlite:/home/lynn/music.sql3');

/* Simple string */
$string = 'Nice';
"Unquoted string: $string\n";
"Quoted string: " . $conn->quote($string) . "\n";

Результат выполнения данного примера:

Unquoted string: Nice
Quoted string: 'Nice'

Пример 2. Quoting a dangerous string

= new PDO('sqlite:/home/lynn/music.sql3');

/* Dangerous string */
$string = 'Naughty \' string';
"Unquoted string: $string\n";
"Quoted string:" . $conn->quote($string) . "\n";

Результат выполнения данного примера:

Unquoted string: Naughty ' string
Quoted string: 'Naughty '' string'

Пример 3. Quoting a complex string

= new PDO('sqlite:/home/lynn/music.sql3');

/* Complex string */
$string = "Co'mpl''ex \"st'\"ring";
"Unquoted string: $string\n";
"Quoted string: " . $conn->quote($string) . "\n";

Результат выполнения данного примера:

Unquoted string: Co'mpl''ex "st'"ring
Quoted string: 'Co''mpl''''ex "st''"ring'

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