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Руководство по PHP
Пред. Глава 4. Installation on Unix systems След.


PHP 4 can be built as a Pike module for the Caudium webserver. Note that this is not supported with PHP 3. Follow the simple instructions below to install PHP 4 for Caudium.

Пример 4-5. Caudium Installation Instructions

1.  Make sure you have Caudium installed prior to attempting to
install PHP 4. For PHP 4 to work correctly, you will need Pike
7.0.268 or newer. For the sake of this example we assume that
Caudium is installed in /opt/caudium/server/.
2.  Change directory to php-x.y.z (where x.y.z is the version number).
3.  ./configure --with-caudium=/opt/caudium/server
4.  make
5.  make install
6.  Restart Caudium if it's currently running.
7.  Log into the graphical configuration interface and go to the
virtual server where you want to add PHP 4 support.
8.  Click Add Module and locate and then add the PHP 4 Script Support module.
9.  If the documentation says that the 'PHP 4 interpreter isn't
available', make sure that you restarted the server. If you did
check /opt/caudium/logs/debug/default.1 for any errors related to
<filename>PHP4.so</filename>. Also make sure that 
is present.
10. Configure the PHP Script Support module if needed.

You can of course compile your Caudium module with support for the various extensions available in PHP 4. See the reference pages for extension specific configure options.

Замечание: When compiling PHP 4 with MySQL support you must make sure that the normal MySQL client code is used. Otherwise there might be conflicts if your Pike already has MySQL support. You do this by specifying a MySQL install directory the --with-mysql option.

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Apache 2.0 on Unix systems Уровень выше fhttpd related notes

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